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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. live in novato where nearly 3,000 people are without power, we will tell you why and when they can expect the lights to go back on. they are responsible for killing a three-year-old boy, we will tell you about the details behind the deadly shooting. the overnight international news is making wall street nervous this morning, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news. good morning and thanks for joining us, i am here for pam cook. >> a cooler pattern is starting to establish itself and clouds are making it into locations where it was absent the past couple of mornings.
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we will start off with 50s, 60s and breezy and a little cooler. >> right now we don't have any major delays on 680 or 580 coming out of the valley. this morning it looks good on the willits freeway and coliseum all the way down to heyward. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. no electricity this morning for more than 2000 bay area customers. the outage hit a section of the county and tara is there to tell us what happened and tell us when the power will be back on. good morning. >> reporter: pg&e has been working to get the power back on since last night and we are at the substation and we saw some people behind the cherry pickers trying to fix what is believed to be the insulator.
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come here, we want to show you, this is absolutely pitch black. there are no traffic lights working in this area and also several homes and businesses are without power. pg&e shut off the power last night so they can work on these repairs. we are where 2800 people have no electricity. now exactly one year ago to the date almost to the hour pg&e had a power failure at this exact same location. they focused their repairs but in that case there were 14,000 people instead of 2800 people today. we will continue to monitor the situation and let you know when the power goes back on. ktvu channel 2 news. bart has a warning for it's
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thousands of riders. somebody who try to disrupt the system and it could happen as soon as today. >> reporter: that's right, passenger alert protest may disrupt -- [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] . >> obviously we are having technical difficulties. a man and woman following an overnight car chase. it began around 11:30 on foot hill boulevard and ended on 11th and webster. it is not clear how the chase started but involved the chp housing authorities. the chase created a dangerous situation on city streets but fortunately nobody was hurt.
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oakland police are vowing to round up everybody involved in the tragic killing of a three-year-old boy. it throat the killing of three- year-old carlos nava. they have a person in custody and he is an oakland man apparently being held on an unrelated charge but they say he will not be released any time soon. >> investigators are working diligently to connect the dots in this case and to find out what his role was in the killing of this little boy. we believe two gangs in that particular area who live in close proximity were feuding and having some type of back and forth... >> carlos nava was shot and killed while sitting on his toy car that afternoon. he and his mother just left a pizza parlor a couple of blocks from their home. they could have their
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service majorly disrupted and we will go back to paul chambers for more. >> reporter: as you can see take a look at bart's website, it says passenger alert system may disrupt, you can see it on the front page. it may disrupt stations out here in san francisco and it may happen between now and the end of the month which is what bart is saying. the warnings are for downtown san francisco bart stations and it's unclear why there may be a protest but you may remember bart service was disrupted after several stations had people down there and there was no protests and the group called no justice for bart. they were demanding bart police be dispanned after bart had a shooting of a knife-wielding man and of course we will stay on top of this and once again it is on the front page for
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more additional information. paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. expect another wild day on wall street as global markets are moving in opposite directions this morning. european markets started the day with gains but some of those are slipping into negative territory. in asia most markets closed down with 1.5 quarter% but south korea was also up. we want to show you the closing numbers from wall street, the dow jones industrial average fell 519. s&p 500 fell 51 points and it was the worst day ever for the dow jones industrial average and it was the second big drop this week, u.s. stock futures are falling. they had been up but now have since dropped and stock futures do not always act rapely
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predict -- always accurately predict the markets. in asia, it is the first time gold has moved into that territory and it was higher than the price of platinum. it dropped back to $1,703 per ounce. they are converging in iowa for a big debate. we will have a report from our washington d.c. room on which candidate is expected to be the focus of tonight's debate and two candidates have not officially announced they are running but they will be flying to iowa this week. also president barack obama will showcase a hybrid car battery plant which was given economic stimulus money. that plant by the way expects to ploy 500 people when it is fully operational. last year president barack
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obama attended the groundbreaking battery plant in holland that also received stimulus money and he wants to highlight the innovative roll they will play in key jobs in this country. sal, how are things looking? >> i think i have a high quality job. >> thank you. >> i like that word. let's look at the westbound bay bridge. there are no major problems, boy the newsroom is buzzing. some sort of breaker rule and we will get it on the air as soon as possible. westbound heading out to the high-rise no major problems right now and if you are driving on northbound 280 any time soon it looks good through downtown san jose.
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steve, i have an exciting job i work in the middle of the newsroom. >> i know everybody is yelling about a breaker, we will tell you about it. temperatures will continue to start their trend downward and they began it yesterday and there is a bigger fog bank at the coast but the beach weather is not the greatest, what can you say. usually september we get that northeast wind and it's. >> with us and beautiful but 5 -- glorious and -- and its glorious and beautiful but usually by noon the fog does peel back but it has been a tough bad month. it looks cooler, sunny and breezy at times, high pressure continues in the middle of the country. 40 days, i think where parts of oklahoma and texas have been over 40 days. the cooling trend will start as the system begins to deepen
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along the pacific northwest. it will be a nice day inland and guess what they will continue that today. sonoma county has been cool, a lot of 40s, 55 to 69, gusts to 30 in fairfield, they are done sold out. 92 and 86 yesterday and probably 81 today. the system is beginning to show itself as this high pressure out here begins to build and dives in over us. really the end result is a cooler pattern and more of a sea breeze. 87 is now lower 80s and that system does not look like it is going anywhere. system is cooler and fog and drizzle but fog near the coast will continue to keep things held in check so 60s and 70s or
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upper 70s and lower 80s. clear laying calistoga has the higher temperatures and it looks like that theme holds into the weekend. he turned into a bank robber and tomorrow you will find out his fate. friends say why he gave up the stable for a life of crime. controversy in congress for what material hollywood producers are being provided... traffic is moving along well crossing 880 and we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. okay, kids, we can record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah.
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. welcome back hollywood is now making a movie about osama bin laden but some say the film makers are being given too much information. they are expected a few weeks before the 2012 elections and they say the white house may be giving the producers too much access about the military operation that killed osama bin laden. the same people who produced the oscar winning moving are producing this osama bin laden movie and the white house says they will only get information that is available to the public. we have late word the coast
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guard has rescued two crew members who went missing over the pacific ocean. they say that jet lost contact late last night and several military jets along with two coast guard cutters took part in the search. they diverted a war ship to that area as well and once again they have just rescued two crew members on board that jet. they will give us more information later today. the time now is 5:15 and tonight presidential candidates will be debating in iowa. wrapping from our washington d.c. newsroom, they are all trying to take down the front- runner, allison? >> reporter: that's right it comes a few days before before and much of tonight's debate focuses on mitt romney. this week on the campaign trail
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they have all been talking about the economic turmoil. >> we have to lower the tax rates on the job creators so they have more money to hire more people. >> i think you have to tell people the truth right now america is in crisis. >> sarah palin is not even in the race but she is taking her bus tour to the iowa state fair and also closely watched this week, texas governor rick perry is expected to join them, he will be in iowa next week. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. fire crews are nearing containment on a 200-acre brush fire. it started yesterday in the canyon area. the majority of fire crews have been released and some are staying behind to watch the area and look for hot spots. they are getting
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information about the possible cause of last week's fatal boat crash in san francisco bay. it appears the pilot of the larger boat did not see the smaller one and hit it from behind. that crash hit a 30-year-old man when he game trapped underneath the boat. so far the larger boat has not been arrested and some say it appears to be a terrible accident. yesterday a woman reported to claiming to be an fbi agent and said she purchased 600 -- she had won $600,000 but needed to wire him $3,900 to get it. then he said a twin cities officer would confirm the story but a short time later she did get a call and it displayed the police department's number but when she called the number
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herself, the scam was exposed. he will learn if he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. 58-year-old john alexander was convicted of several burglaries due to his earlier run ins with the law. you can see him on the right in the rocky horror picture show and some say his battle with drugs led to his life of crime. >> sal, is the commute awake yet? >> yes, it is and we have breaking news. there is a two-alarm fire in san francisco at the corner of hate and masonic. i was trying to build a map but basically i will use my curse sore so tell you where it is near hate and masonic in san francisco so we will let you know more about it as we find
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out. but it is a two-alarm fire. westbound coming up the high- rise -- i'm sorry coming up the incline traffic is moving along very well but this morning's commute will be okay if you are driving on westbound 92 heading up to the san mateo bridge that traffic is moving along nicely. let's look at the weather now with steve. >> thank you sal, temperatures are cool. it is clear but 50 to 58 giving to an upper 40, temperatures inland it came down a couple of degrees and will continue that theme as we ramp up the bank and get a stronger sea breeze. it will be nice but it will be done with a lot of fog. possibility heading up north there will be showers and i will show you the source of
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that in just a second. we will have a cooling trends over the next five to seven days. 59 concord 57 mountain view, 57 red wood city and the city is 55. westwood travis, it is kick up its heels and southeast swirls a little bit but temperatures will be held in check anywhere close to the coast and bay with 60s and 70s and the reason being system is digging out of the gulf of alaska and as it does it will drive the system in. we are not expecting much rain but there is a possibility of drizzle so more fog and rain as the system gets closer. 80s to mid-80s not the 90s like we had two days ago. it does look cooler and fog by
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the coast inland temperatures a few upper 80s but a lot of 60s and 70s. heyward 72, napa 76, these are slightly below average temperatures and that has been happening for a long time. fog sun breezy and i don't think there will be much of a change friday but if you are heading north there is a possibility of a few light showers. >> 5:20. a prize winner will receive a special honor from the library of congress and will serve in that honor until next year. the job includes raising the nation's appreciation of reading and writing and poetry. he splits his time between his homes in fresno and boston and has been teaching at several universities including uc berkeley. the labor dispute has been
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settled. also a sky-high spectacle in new york, you have to see this, a rescue at a very popular tourist attraction. . good morning, westbound bay bridge looking pretty good as you drive into san francisco, but we have a problem on san francisco city streets which may cause traffic problems and we will tell you more coming up. wñ
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. good morning a lot of low clouds, low-to-mid 80s instead of 90s by the coast. >> time now 5:24 heavy rain causing new flooding in southern china and is literally blocking entrances to bus stations and ins resulting transit, some business are closing their doors and people are forced to clean up in the dark. police talked a distraught man out of jumping from a tourist attraction. it happened at rockefeller center and this was 70 floors up. at some point he stood up and police were able to grab him.
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after he apologized and he is now going for psychiatric evaluation. a bomb scare, somebody reported a tube shaped device and a bomb squad was called out to the neighborhood as a precaution but it turned out to be a tool left behind from an at&t crew. san mateo is reporting the value from the agriculture crops which fell three years in a row. it fell 3.7% compared to last year and some of the biggest declines were from artichokes and potted plants. there is a bright spot, the number of organic farms increased from 11 to 15 and the demand for organic food keeps growing despite the reason economic client -- climates. the oakland radars are hosting
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the arizona cardinals in their first preseason game. the game comes just a couple of weeks after the settlement that ended the four-month old lock out. you can see tonight's raiders cardinals game on our sister station. we will be airing the game and it will be on taped delay and starts at 9:00 p.m. time now is 5:26 following developing news, on the scene of a two-alarm fire which just broke out and we will have live reports just ahead. people have no power in novato, how long before the power comes back. three south bay road projects, find out where construction crews will start work next. good morning interstate 880 moves along nicely and we will tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. well,good morning to you, i am dave clark. >> and pam cook has the day off, let's get to steve for the morning weather. we have a fog bank and 80s for some inland and temperatures are coming down compared to yesterday and the day before, 60s and 70s coast
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and bay, here is sal. traffic is moving along well in both directions as you are driving in oakland south and northbound 880 and there are no problems northbound 880 up to downtown and east shore on the freeway that looks good as well. let's go back to the desk. power outage in the north bay this one is affecting 2000 customers and tara moriarty is in novato to tell us when the power will be back on, good morning tara. >> reporter: we have some great news and the power just went back on two minutes ago and if you take a look behind me you can see all the businesses which were in the dark are now lit up and before it was absolutely pitch black. we are here at the substation which is off the keys boulevard
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and that's where the problem originated. we saw crews working on a damaged insulator and they had been working on getting the power back on since 10:00 last night. on 101 nearly thousand people had no power starting at 10:00 last night but it looks like they are in for some lights all of a sudden and exactly one year ago to the day, pg&e had a power outage at the same exact location. they focused their workers here and to date nearly 3,000 people have not had power and the power is back on so we should not be experiences any traffic delays. crews were up there on their cherry pickers but they have all gone home and good news to report for folks in novato.
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reporting live in novato tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. this morning a very important warning for bart for hundreds of thousands of riders. protesters may try to disrupt the sans sit system possibly as early as today. the demonstration is tied to last month's police shooting which prompted chaotic protests in san francisco last month. bart's demonstrations could force them to shut down or make some other changes on short notice. time is 5:33 we are following developing news out of san francisco. paul chambers has just arrived on the scene of a fire in san francisco in the city's ash bury dis-- ash berry district, paul what can you tell us? >> reporter: i am being told the business is called people's
5:34 am
cafe and that's on hate street and that's on fire. you can see there are several crews out here and i am trying to get more information i had to run up and down the street to figure out what is going on. there are people evacuated from nearby housing and they got out of the house because there is so much smoke which is very heavy in the area and it looks like it is partially under control right now. you cannot see any flames right now but there is a lot of smoke billowing out and once again as it above the people's cafe and there is a clothing store next to it. we will get more information and as soon as i have it i will bring it to you. paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. time now is 5:34 a heyward man will be arraigned in connection with an accident which hit nine-year-old ryan white in the south of market
5:35 am
area week ago. varges drove off but police arrested him about an hour later in heyward. he is charged with hit-and-run. the family members are getting help to cover medical expenses. oh duals is now donating $6,000 to the family. ryan white is now able to speak. the district attorney's office will not charge a woman who was arrested after being accused of brutally beating bryan stow. they have solid evidence doreen sanchez was driving as they fled the dodger stadium the day of the attack but they don't have enough evidence to charger. sanchez is now cooperating in their case against the two suspects. louie sanchez and marvin
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norwood pled not guilty to assault and they are being held on $1 million bail. ktvu channel 2 news joins us to explain what the hundreds of millions of dollars could mean for computer, jade? >> reporter: it's not hard to imagine construction crews down there and those crews may materialize for just one of those three road projects. they approved $200 million for three south bay road projects plus a bart extension. initially it had hinged on state bonds but the commission voted to give the money immediately. where is it headed? $40million goes to fremont and nearly 80 million goes to highway 101 from palo alto to mountain view and if i could  bring you back out live more
5:37 am
than $41 million adds carpool lanes. one sunnyville driver was asked about what he thought about the carpool lanes along 880. >> i think one is enough and they are dangerous in my opinion. >> reporter: the money allotted by the transportation commission goes to rebuilding cato road in fremont along the path bart would take. it is expected to be the first project to get underway this year and the projectels next year will be on the freeway. reporting -- projects next year leg on the freeway. it has been one year since construction started on the new trans bay terminals and it is right on schedule. coming up, the second stage which is now underway and when this terminal is slated to be
5:38 am
open for business. plans are underway for a very special ceremony in san bruno to mark one year since the deadly explosion. people are gathering at skyline college to remember the eighth people killed in that blast. two days later survivors will be holding a reunion at the san bruno city park. the reports come on the homes of a -- on the heels of a report coming out. the explosion injured dozens of people. they will conduct tests to figure out how to accurately spot gas leaks by air. three different detection projects will be flying over simulated gas leaks and pg&e will determine which one gives the most reliable results. that testing will take place
5:39 am
over several counties. we'll see how the bay area roads are reacting, sal? on 880 westbound getting out to the mcarthur maze, it looks good and on east shore -- i'm sorry willits is doingville well in both directions. in the ash berry district this is a good area to avoid there is a two-alarm fire. we'll see more from there coming up soon at 5:30 let's go to steve. thank you very much. interesting notes hottest julys ever and it is the heat map to steal a wall street phrase, it is yellow and then you get to the middle of the coast and it is very blue, very cool in the
5:40 am
pacific northwest and looks like we will enhance it and if you start getting into late august and september we will see. sunny and breezy from those away from the coast and the delta breeze has wrapped up. tomorrow is about the same and then we will head into the weekend and it appears their cooling trends will be there and it is being lifted to areas which were fog free. san jose being one. there might be a few light showers towards the weekend it will not be today but temperatures are down across the board 52 to 59 red wood city but san rosa -- santa rosa again, fog reduced visibility and it looks like it is lifting a little bit but still reduced
5:41 am
visibility. fairfield and travis, once it gets over 25 and 30 it tells us everything you need to know. that sustained 23 miles per hour and that's where the wind is coming from west southwest and that's a sea breeze kicked in. it will be sunny mild and warm but not as hot as tuesday. today it will be more in the lower 80s away from the coast. as we look to the weekend it looks like fog and drizzle will be returning as well. >> a little win at times fog near the coast will hang out most of the day, upper 50s tough beach weather even though they get some sun they are not getting into upper 70s and lower 80s. looks like a push on friday and then the cooler pattern kicks in as we head to the weekend.
5:42 am
5:41 a new twist, what suspects claim she was doing in the san francisco hotel in the middle of the night. the measures they are taking to catch criminals haven't calls and looters -- vandals and how the internet is catching criminals. we have spots where the traffic is beginning to get slow.
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. good morning low clouds and fog, 70s lower 80s and 50s and 60s closer to the beaches.
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here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. bart's website has an important warning for its hundreds of thousands of riders. they may try to disrupt the transit system and it could happen as early as today. just about 15 minutes ago pg&e crews restored the power to 2800 customers who lost power in novato. the power went out at 10:00 last night followed by a damaged insulator. they are following a moving fire which started at a cafe about an hour ago. you are looking at pictures from the scene. we will bring you a live update on everything at the top of the hour. british prime minister is addressing parliament for an emergency hearing about the london riots. he has been talking about
5:46 am
toughening up on street gangs. local authorities and landlords have tough powers to effect them from -- >> strict them from social -- to evict them from social housing. >> they will look to the u.s. in cities such as boston for advice on dealing with gangs. they began looking through homes for looters and so far 1200 arrests have been made across the country. somebody created a blog called catch a looter and it urges people to call police if they recognize anybody. they also have a blog called let's catch the looters and rioters of 2011. five nato service members
5:47 am
killed in the southern part of that country and we have no details right now. the mom of august has been especially deadly in afghanistan. so far 51 service members have been killed. they are disputing that the taliban fighters have been killed. yesterday they said the fighters had been located and killed in an airstrike and the taliban response saying four talibans were killed but they were not the ones who shot down that helicopter. when they went down 30 americans were killed. the alex true beck claim she says she is a prostitute. she broke in as he slept last month. she was there in the middle of
5:48 am
the night to meet a man and denies taking anything from his hotel room. he is accused of stealing $650 in cash and wallet and prosecutors stand behind those charges. it has been a year since the trans bay transit center started and work has been started. the 41 billion will replace the old hub on 1st street. the demolition is expected to be finished by the end of this month and the second phase is already underway. the new terminal is scheduled to open in 2019. time now 5:48 sal, how is our commute looking? if you are about to leave the house take your time take it easy out there, we are looking at some of these live pictures. highway 24, pretty pattern of lights looks good driving up to
5:49 am
the tunnel. interstate 880 northbound looks good and there are no major problems driving passed the coliseum. and this morning, contra costa county slowed through the construction zone and the construction approaching walnut creek on 680 north is picked up and a lot of it is gone. if you are driving to walnut creek interstate 08 is still off -- 880 is still off to a good start. the clouds are lifting and they are making it into locations that were fog free in some locations but it looks like the warming ended on tuesday. yesterday, will continue today. overcast gives way to sunshine if you are closer to the delta. tomorrow things kick into a
5:50 am
cooler gear. drizzle takes us into the weekend and probably early next week. the fog bank is still there and has been compressed and was thick for a while but lifted, looks cooler away from the coast, the breeze has doubled compared to where it was a few days ago. strong system moving into the pacific northwest, we get these systems and another one moves in and we are at that time of year where it is stronger and stronger. the cooling trends may bring us to early next week and the seven-day forecast looks like it will be on the cool side. again the lows for the longest time have been in this range and have not changed much. the delta was 15-mile-per-hour winds and that is a cooling trends. systems coming out of the gulf
5:51 am
of alaska will settle on the west coast, the fog near the coast is very reluctant and slow to go back. 60s and 70s inland and we are saying goodbye to a lot of the 90s but there will be a sea breeze for many. about the same fog with your weekend in view there, i would lean on a cooler pattern. >> you will want to keep an eye on cisco stock and they reported better than expected earnings. they reported the revenue 3% to $11.2 billion. analysts had expected it to be less than 11 billion. cisco futures have been up all morning. the number of homes getting foreclosure notices have been down in july. almost 60,000 have been
5:52 am
received and that's down 7% from june 39% from july of last year. but it is not the goods news they had been hoping for. there are so many homes that have been seized and it could take years to work through the backlog of foreclosed properties. this story is no bull and it was not running loose in a china closet where police say they had to come out and catch it. they are transforming away area park for thousands of concert fans.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
. welcome back time is now 5:54 look at this. last week washington state police was busy going after that bull. the animal was spotted running down the area of downtown and they tried cornering him but in the end they had to bring in a professional rangeller who finally ended up cornering the bull. the crews were busy
5:56 am
yesterday setting up the stages getting the sound system just right. the three day festival is expected to sellout with about 60,000 people. some people around the park have mixed feelings about all the noise and traffic this concert will bring. >> i like the music but sometimes there is no parking so it is good and bad. >> organizers say they are handing out flyers throughout the surrounding neighborhood and they want to let people know which roads will have to be close dollars and there is a hotline set up for feedback. the outside lands festival starts tomorrow. our website has all the details on the festival and the lineup and for more information scroll down to the now section. let's get to sal to see if it is busy on the roads yet. it is busy and we will
5:57 am
start on interstate 880 where traffic is moving along nicely. if you are drying to get to south bay it is off to a nice start. 580 is continuing to move well and we have not seen any problems on this corridor of the area. 5:56 let's go back to maureen and dave. firefighters are bat ago fast moving fire -- battling a fast moving fire and we will bring you a report on that scene. today's commute could be affected. inland we will have cooler numbers coming up.
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. police are still searching for a suspect responsible for killing a three-year-old boy, the new details about what led up to the deadly shooting. south bay road


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